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『Lobsterr Letter』は、世界中のメディアから「変化の種」となるようなストーリーをキュレートするウィークリーニュースレター。コンパクトな文量で、ロングスパンの視座を。皮肉や批判よりも、分析と考察を。ファストフードのようなニュースではなく、心と頭の栄養となるようなインサイトを。目まぐるしく進む社会のなかで、立ち止まり、深呼吸をして、考えるためのきっかけをお届けします。


Lobsterr is a media platform that delivers a sign of the future. Knowing what’s happening about business, technology, lifestyle, and society around the current world, we inform perspectives to think about how our age and value change in the future.
Lobsterr Letter is a weekly newsletter curating stories of “seeds of the change” around the world. Short-form content with a long-term view. Analysis and consideration rather than irony or criticism. Insight feeding our mind and brain, not fast food-like news. Our newsletter allows you to stop, take a breath, and think deeply in this fast-moving society.
We will find the alternative with audiences with a global mindset and curiosity: who keep their eyes on cool business and new culture in the world, who think differently without stereotypes and who believe that idea and creativity change the world better.

Member: Yasuhiro Sasaki, Atsushi Okahashi and Yuto Miyamoto
Photo: Kate Macate on Unsplash